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Belden Master Catalog (PDF) - USA
Belden Master Catalog (PDF) - EMEA

Ref# Cable Type Make PDF Files
A Multi-Conductor Cables    
    Unshielded BELDEN PDF
    Overall Beldfoil® Shield  BELDEN PDF
    Overall Braid and Special Shielding BELDEN PDF
    Overall Braid Shield BELDEN PDF
    Overall Foil/Braid Shield  BELDEN PDF
    Overall Shield BELDEN PDF
    Plenum-Rated Cable BELDEN PDF
    High-Temp Control & Instrumentation Cable (184k) BELDEN PDF
    Fire Alarm Cable BELDEN PDF
    Circuit Integrity (CI) Fire Resitant Cable FIRECEL PDF
B Paired Cables    
    Unshielded BELDEN PDF
    Overall Beldfoil® Shield BELDEN PDF
    Combination Unshielded and Braid Shield BELDEN PDF
    Overall Braid Shield BELDEN PDF
    Overall Spiral Shield BELDEN PDF
    Overall Foil/Braid Shield BELDEN PDF
    Individually Shielded BELDEN PDF
    Individually Shielded Pairs with Overall Foil/Braid Shield BELDEN PDF
    Plenum-Rated Cables BELDEN PDF
C Coaxial Cables    
    Broadband: MATV BELDEN PDF
    Broadband: CATV BELDEN PDF
    Broadband: Headend/Video Cables BELDEN PDF
    Analog & Digital Video BELDEN Analog PDF
    BELDEN Digital PDF
    Bundled RGB BELDEN PDF
    Low Loss 50 Ohm Wireless RF Transmission Cable BELDEN PDF
    50 Ohm Transmission & Computer Cable  BELDEN PDF
    Special Audio, Communication & Instrumentation Cable BELDEN PDF
    Computer & Instrumentation Cable BELDEN PDF
D Commercial Networking – Copper    
    Belden IBDN System 10GX  BELDEN PDF
    GigaBIX Multi System  BELDEN PDF
    BIX Cross-Connect System  BELDEN PDF
    110 Cross-connect System  BELDEN PDF
    Patch Panels BELDEN PDF
    Workstation Outlets BELDEN PDF
    Modular Chords BELDEN PDF
    Network Connectivity Products BELDEN PDF
    Unshielded Twisted Pairs (UTP) Cables, USA BELDEN PDF
    Shielded Twisted Pairs (S/UTP) & (U/FTP) (SF/UTP) Cables, Europe BELDEN PDF
    Unshielded Multi- Pairs (UTP) Indoor CAT 3 Cable. BELDEN PDF
E Commercial Networking – Optical Fiber    
    Optical Fiber Connectivity Products - Connectors, outlets, patch panels & Accessories. BELDEN PDF
    Optical Fiber Cables  
F Fiber Optic Cables    
    Interconnect Cable – Simplex & Duplex BELDEN  
    Distribution Cable  
    Breakout Style Cable  
    Single Jacket, Armoured Cable PDF
    Double Jacket, Armoured Cable  
    Double Jacket, Heavy-Duty Cable  
    Central Tube Cable (88k)  
    Single Jacket, Corrugated Steel Tape Armoured Cable DRAKA PDF
G Broadcast Products    
    Microphone & Musical Instrument Cable BELDEN PDF
    Line Level Analog Audio Cable BELDEN PDF
    Analog Multi-Pair Snake Cable BELDEN PDF
    AES/EBU Digital Audio Cable BELDEN PDF
    Speaker Wire and Cable BELDEN PDF
    Special Audio, Communication & Instrumentation Cable BELDEN PDF
    75 Ohm Standard Analog Video Caox  BELDEN PDF
    Precision Video Coax for Analog & Digital BELDEN PDF
    Video Triax Cable  BELDEN PDF
    A/V and Composite Camera Cable. BELDEN PDF
    RGB Component Video Cable. BELDEN PDF
    RJ-45 Cable for A/V Applications. BELDEN PDF
    S-Video Cable. BELDEN PDF
H Sound, Security and Alarm Cables.    
    Security and Alarm Cable. BELDEN PDF
    Communication and Control Cable . BELDEN PDF
    Thermostat and Control Cable. BELDEN PDF
    Access Control Banana Peel® Cable. BELDEN PDF
    Security and Survelillance CCTV Cable. BELDEN PDF
    Pan/Tilt/Zoom Banana Peel Composite Cable. BELDEN PDF
    Security Coax Cable. BELDEN PDF
    UTP CCTV Surveillance Cable. BELDEN PDF
    Fire Alarm Cable. BELDEN PDF
    Speaker Cable. BELDEN PDF
    Audio Cable: Commercial Audio Systems. BELDEN PDF
    Audio Cable: Commercial Sound/Nurse Call Systems. BELDEN PDF
I Industrial Cables.    
    Industrial Data Solutions® . BELDEN PDF
    VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) Cable. BELDEN PDF
    UL Instrumentation Cable - 300V PLTC Cable BELDEN  
    UL Instrumentation Cable - Thermocouple Extention Cable & Thermocouple Wire. PDF
    UL Instrumentation Cable - 600V Tray  Cable  
    UL Control Cable - 600V TYPE TC Cable BELDEN PDF
    BS-5308 Part 1 Type 2  SWA Instrumentation Cable, Multi-pairs/Triads LEONI-KERPEN  
    EN 50288-7  SWA Instrumentation Control Cable, Multi conductors. PDF
    EN 50288-7  SWA Instrumentation Cable, Fire Resisting (CI)  
J Hook-Up and Lead Wire (700k)    
    UL AWM STYLE, High Temerature Tinned copper Wires. BELDEN PDF
    Silicone Rubber BELDEN PDF
    High-Voltage Leads BELDEN PDF
K Telecommunication Cable - British Standard.    
    Twisted Pair - Indoor, Central Office Cable (CW1308)    
    Twisted Pair - Outdoor, Duct PeT Cellular Local Network Cable (CW1128)    
    Twisted Pair - Outdoor, PeT Direct Burial Cellular Local Network Cable(CW1128/1198) NEXANS PDF
    Coaxial -  BT 3002, 75 Ohm Single & Multi Core Coaxial Interconnection Cable B3 PDF
    Drop Cable - External  Dropwire Telephone Cable B3 PDF
    Shielded Multi-Pairs LSYT cable,  NEXANS PDF
M Power & Control Cable    
    Flexible cable for power transmission, RV-K 0,6/1 kV  TOPCABLE PDF
    Protected power transmission, Double steel tape armour 0.6/1KV. TOPCABLE PDF
    Highly Protected power transmission, Galvanized steel wire armour 0.6/1KV. TOPCABLE PDF
    Halogen free power cable - RZ1-K 0,6/1 kV  TOPCABLE PDF
    Thermosetting rubber Flexible cable, H07RN-F - 450/750 V. TOPCABLE PDF
    Domestic wiring, H05V-K & H07V-K - 300/500V. TOPCABLE PDF
    Screened control cable for safe signal transmission. - LiYCY 300/500V TOPCABLE PDF
    Welding cable - H01N2-D, Flexible cable for mobile service. 100 V. TOPCABLE PDF
N   Mining Cables, Oil & Gas Cables, Industrial & VFD Cables AmerCable Incorporated PDF
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